Vanilla Ice Was Trapped on the Quarantined Emirates Flight

About 100 passengers onboard reported feeling ill
Vanilla Ice Was Trapped on the Quarantined Emirates Flight
Like Post Malone before him, Vanilla Ice found himself in a dicey situation aboard an aircraft today, with the plane being quarantined after as many as 100 passengers reported feeling sick.

Earlier today, at least 19 people aboard an Emirates flight from Dubai to New York were confirmed ill when the plane landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Passengers aboard the double-deck Airbus A380 aircraft had reported similar symptoms, including cough and fever. New York City officials reported that 10 of the 19 were admitted to hospital, while the other nine refused treatment.

Vanilla Ice provided his Twitter followers with a view of the sizeable emergency response on the tarmac, sharing a video of "tons of ambulances and fire trucks and police all over the place."

Apparently unaware of the situation from his seat on the plane's upper deck, Ice then shared a YouTube clip from an "underground world news" channel, claiming the mystery symptoms had only been felt on the plane's lower deck. 

"This is crazy," he wrote. "Apparently there is over 100 people sick on the bottom floor, so happy I'm up top, it's a double-decker plane 380."

According to Vanilla Ice's official website, he was returning to New York from Dubai, where he was part of a speaking engagement yesterday (September 4).

Here's hoping further air trouble for rappers doesn't become a larger trend the rest of this year.