Vanilla Ice Used to Hang Out with Pablo Escobar in Miami, but Had No Idea Who He Was

"We didn't have Google, I don't know who these people are. I thought they were businessmen."

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Dec 1, 2023

Although there's been no news on whether or not the Vanilla Ice biopic To the Extreme starring Dave Franco is still in the works, the rapper has proven that his rise to fame is definitely something out of a movie. 

Speaking with VladTV, the prophet behind "Ice Ice Baby" revealed that he used to have notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar and the "Cocaine Cowboys" over to his house on Star Island off Miami Beach, presumably in the early 1990s. 

"I hung out with Pablo Escobar many, many times," he said. "And Juan Almeida, Pepe Nunez, Ralph [Linero] and everybody from Cocaine Cowboys, and we were all friends ... they would land helicopters in my house constantly on Star Island, come into my house, I had food just for them in the refrigerators." 

"They would take me in the helicopter and we would go to these great events and race boats and look at all the cool stuff that they were making," he continued. "And I never questioned it. We didn't have Google, I don't know who these people are. I thought they were businessmen."

Despite reportedly being responsible for thousands of deaths in his decades-long reign as the drug kingpin of Colombia, Escobar tends to be glorified in the media (see: Narcos), and Vanilla Ice thinks he was actually a pretty good guy.

"Pablo was a great person in person — this sounds ridiculous," he laughed. "First of all, I had no Google. You don't go up to people and go, 'What do you do for a living?' I have no idea." 

So, if To the Extreme does go ahead, fans might get a glimpse into Vanilla Ice's Star Island shenanigans alongside Escobar and co., which reportedly involved racing any kind of motor vehicle they could get their hands on. 

Watch his full interview with VladTV below. 

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