Vancouver Art-Rockers Swim Team Release 'V' Album

The 10-song LP is available to stream in full

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 11, 2019

Vancouver art-rock trio Swim Team are back with their third official release. Simply titled V, it's out digitally today and is available to stream in full.

The 10-song collection is full of angular riffs and complex avant-rock experimentation. From the fiery bursts of fuzz on "Mango" to the pitter-pattering acoustic meditations of "Rabbit" to the kitchen-sink percussion of the wordless title track, the eclectic album expertly mixes sweet melodies with skronky dissonance.

The band explained in a statement:

V was written and self-recorded over a period of a year and a half, during which the album existed in a state of flux, as the music morphed and changed throughout the recording process. Each song represents merely a snapshot in time. Lyrical and musical themes involved operating within a changing framework of being finished and unfinished, and the vulnerability that results.

The self-produced record was mastered by local indie whiz Jordan Koop (the Courtneys, Wolf Parade, You Say Party). Stream it below, or alongside a nifty visualizer over at the band's website (where it's also available to download).

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