The Used Maybe Memories

Barely six months after the Used released its first record comes a CD/DVD package. The CD includes live tracks, early demos and unreleased tracks. While the live tracks acknowledge the band’s well received and energetic live shows, the unreleased early demos are boring run-of-the-mill screamy rock songs that go nowhere, with cheesy vocals and overly simplistic guitar parts. The DVD gives you greater insight into the world of the Used, with a little biography the band members and their history as a band. However, the videos seem to be making unnecessary explanations to fend off naysayers who brand them for being a manufactured rock group. Perhaps releasing a major label-produced DVD and overstating the fact that your dreams have come true isn’t the best way to convince skeptics that you have indeed paid your dues. While the motivational messages written by the band in the CD sleeve are encouraging and thoughtful, I hardly think that’s what they are really trying to say with this release. (Reprise)