Until the Ribbon Breaks "Postcards | Four" (video)

Until the Ribbon Breaks 'Postcards | Four' (video)
UK act Until the Ribbon Breaks are gearing up to release their debut album A Lesson Unlearnt, and in the meantime, they've filmed a unique promo video that shows them creating a new track using three randomly selected records.

The clip begins with the trio going to Amoeba Records in Los Angeles with blindfolds on. They each select a record and head back to the studio. They then take just one hour to chop up pieces of music and reassemble them to make an original song.

Despite being hastily created, the result is a beautifully chilled-out hip-hop/soul collage. The eight-and-a-half-minute clip ends with the finished track, and we watch footage of the guys skateboarding near the beach at sunset.

This is part of Until the Ribbon Breaks' series of Postcards videos. Watch it below.

A Lesson Unlearnt is due out on January 20 via Kobalt Music Group. The band will be touring in North America, and this includes gigs supporting London Grammar in Toronto and Montreal on January 21 and 23, respectively. See the full schedule on Until the Ribbon Breaks' website.

For further listening, hear a recent 45-minute mixtape below the video and download the mix here.