Unearth Endless

The four tracks that appear on Endless were originally intended to be a part of a split CD with Belgian metal heads Liar. Due to problems with Liar's previous label, Germany's Alveran Records, Liar was forced to back out of the project. However, Unearth decided to release those songs as an EP on Eulogy Recordings and Endless is the result. Those of you who are fans of this Massachusetts-based five-piece outfit will be happy to know that not much has changed in the Unearth camp. The record's third track, "The Charm," features the same Gothenburg-influenced metal riffage that the band's previous full-length, The Stings of Conscience, has become famous for. The first two tracks, "Endless" and "Internal War," are still heavily influenced by Swedish longhairs, but are slightly down-tuned and bent on delivering some serious Disembodied-styled mosh parts. Also included on this disc is an older demo version of "My Desire," featured on the aforementioned full-length. (Eulogy)