Underoath Deliver "High-Def Violence" on New Album 'Voyeurist'

Hear "Hallelujah" from the band's ninth LP

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 4, 2021

Following their return with "Damn Excuses" last month, Underoath have lifted the curtain on a new album. Voyeurist, the band's ninth studio LP, will arrive January 14 through Fearless Records

Following 2018's Erase Me, the 10-track Voyeurist is described by Underoath as "high-def violence," sporting a sound that is "technologically advanced, but undeniably visceral." It marks the first album recorded entirely by the band, which they also consider to be the most collaborative of their career.

"I've always wanted to record our own album. I think we just needed to get into a headspace personally that would allow criticism and critique to land in a productive and constructive way," guitarist Tim McTague shared in a statement. "We grew so much in real time and I think the record speaks to that growth and collaboration. I haven't ever felt this attached to a project in my life."

"Hallelujah" is the second single to arrive from Voyeurist, and you can hear it alongside a visualizer below.

McTague said of their latest, "I think the song is one of the more powerful songs on the album for a myriad of reasons, but sharing a night of beers and stories with a handful of the people you love, unpacking a ton of heady concepts and recording a choir really put an exclamation point on the song for me. It's dark, beautiful, haunting and heavy all at the same time. That's what Underoath does best in my opinion."

Former Underoath guitarist Corey Steger passed away in a car accident last year.


1. Damn Excuses
2. Hallelujah
3. I'm Pretty Sure I'm Out of Luck and Have No Friends
4. Cycle (feat. Ghostemane)
5. Thorn
6. (No Oasis)
7. Take A Breath
8. We're All Gonna Die
9. Numb
10. Pneumonia

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