BY Cam LindsayPublished Oct 1, 2006

Originally released on VHS back in 1994 and covering the band’s most indulgent peak, this Zoo TV tour film captures the mixed media spectacular spotlessly. With cars dangling up above and mammoth television screens surrounding the stage, it was perhaps the most amazing rock stage show ever. Amidst the two sets that were filmed in 1993 at the Sydney Football Stadium, messages flash onscreen and Bono abuses his handy-cam (which was a neat trick at the time) while the band rip through a set of their best, including a triumphant performance of their greatest song: "Where the Streets Have No Name.” Bono’s Mephisto character singing "With Or Without You” is a little uneasy but then again, so is seeing his PVC-clad ass for the better part of the show. Regardless, with a surplus of extras, including three documentaries, a karaoke track and "never before seen” footage, Live from Sydney is a must for any U2 fan. (Universal)

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