Tyler, the Creator Isn't Worried About Artificial Intelligence: "AI Will Never Catch Up to Me Creatively"

"Why have a computer do that special power that us as humans have?"

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Mar 19, 2024

As artificial intelligence continues to make strides in the music industry, several prominent artists have chosen to either embrace or denounce the controversial technology — but, in true Tyler, the Creator fashion, the rapper's stance on the debate is completely his own. 

Tyler said in an interview with De La Soul's AOI Radio Station on Apple Music that he's not at all worried about AI replacing his music because it could never replicate his style. 

"Why have a computer do that special power that us as humans have?" He pondered of the creative process. "It might have its perks but ... I'm always ahead of even myself, so the AI will never catch up to me creatively, it'll only have a reference point of what I already did, not where I'm going, because it's not me."

It's not the first time that Tyler has gone against the grain when it comes to industry standards. Back in November, he told Nardwuar that he believes dropping music on Tuesdays instead of the default of Friday is the way to go. 

He also previously spoke out against posthumous releases which, these days, are often mixed with AI-assisted vocals (e.g. the Beatles' final track, DMX's latest single).

Watch a clip of Tyler discussing his views on AI below.

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