Two Lone Swordsmen Wrong Meetings

Andrew Weatherall and Keith Tenniswood’s Two Lone Swordsmen project has spanned over a decade and thankfully, moved with the times. Pushing aside their electronic roots, Weatherall and Tenniswood have essentially made an indie rock album. Wrong Meetings, released on the duo’s Rotters Golf Club label, is a complete departure from the other releases on the label. This album sounds a lot more like the White Stripes than LCD Soundsystem and there is more of a focus on lyrics and melody rather than beats. Front-man Weatherall has always been known for witty quotes in all the DJ magazines, and you can hear that confidence and swagger in the lyrics. There is a definite old school garage band twang in many of the songs and a few numbers have the electro rock sound. While this album is going to throw off many Swordsmen fans, they’ve taken a step in the right direction by doing what many will view as totally unexpected. (Rotters Golf Club)