Two Lone Swordsmen Further Reminders

A remix album of Two Lone Swordsmen tracks by various artists, such as Decal, Klart, Lali Puna and Dry and Heavy. Each artist puts their own slant or reinterpretation on the TLS sound, from down-tempo to club dance to IDM to dub roots to, interestingly enough, folk music. While there are no mind-blowing tracks, per se, the album is not that bad either. The best track on the album is C-PIJ's "Tiny Reminder No.1-vocal remix." Regrettably, this track does not credit the vocalist, a woman who renders the piece in a drowsy, sweetly melancholic yet understated manner, accompanied by guitars and an organ. Perhaps, Two Lone Swordsmen should consider defecting over to the folk music side if their material can come out this good, which is certainly better than any of their electronic stuff (Warp)