Two Lone Swordsmen From the Double Gone Chapel

What happens when this internationally revered DJ duo unplug their turntables and get behind live bass and drums? Not a whole hell of a lot. From the Double Gone Chapel finds the Sword-wielding team of Andrew Weatherall and Keith Tenniswood two steps behind the game in taking up a British post-punk inspired sound that lurks somewhere in between plodding Joy Division and mid-tempo Stranglers while constantly trying to live up to the evil heights of Primal Scream’s last two albums. If this mix doesn’t make for enough of a mediocre affair, Weatherall decides to take the mic in his hand and gloomily remind us why Right Said Fred were best left forgotten and Nick Cave still rules. Check out the useless cover of the Gun Club’s back-scratching classic "Sex Beat” if you want a taste of what’s wrong with The Double Gone Chapel. (Warp)