Tupac Tupac: The Complete Live Performances

As we pass the ten year mark since the death of one of hip-hop’s most worshiped MCs, it’s looking more and more like not even the end of the world can stop the release of original and unreleased material from the late Tupac Shakur. This complete collection of live performances put out by the rapper’s former Death Row Records affiliates shows the East Coast/West Coast war’s protagonist at the height of the unrestrained ignorance that would eventually cost him his life. Both the vitriol House of Blues and slightly more subdued Club 662 sets included show a top-of-form Tupac onstage with his entire Outlawz and Dogg Pound family (each with mic in tow), leading his army through both solo and group hits, and impromptu lethal stabs at the East Coast over classic Bad Boy beats. Aside from watching 20 people on a stage talking shit for over two hours, what this collection most reveals is the level of misguided passion the MCs felt for a battle that would turn out to be so incredibly meaningless and destructive. (Eagle Vision)