TR/ST "Bicep"

TR/ST 'Bicep'
After a lengthy bought of silence, Robert Alfons' darkened electro-pop project TR/ST is hitting us up with some new material. Specifically, the Toronto musician has shared the new track "Bicep," which will be included on a new album due out in early 2018.

Speaking of the track, Alfons stated, "This song and much of the album was written in isolation in a farmhouse in rural Canada. It's about the journey of a figure — essentially a narcissist — fighting with ideas of impurity and worthlessness. It's about the struggle between accepting and resisting shame, as well as an expression of sexual fantasies."

You can hear "Bicep" for yourself below.

Alfons' last full-length came as 2014's Joyland when he was going by the name Trust.