Towkio "Involved" (ft. Vic Mensa, prod. by Kaytranada)

Towkio 'Involved' (ft. Vic Mensa, prod. by Kaytranada)
If you haven't quite caught wind of it yet, the Chicago connection of Towkio and Vic Mensa are offering a few stylish rhymes together on a new single. Atop an old-school electro beat, the pair have become "Involved."

Canadian-raised producer Kaytranada gives the track a retro flavour with its busy hi-hat clips and shoulder pad-thick synth sounds. Towkio goes off on the track first to talk about the dangers of the friendzone, thus becoming more of a supporting sixth man than a power forward. Mensa meshes into the rhythm nicely with relationship-geared lyrics of his own that have him, just like Katy Perry, kissin' a girl. We hear he liked it.

You'll find the buds' bouncy new tune down below.