Toronto Eatery Explains "Wilco: The Sandwich Shop"

Toronto Eatery Explains 'Wilco: The Sandwich Shop'
In an age where actually paying for your favourite band's music is becoming the hallmark of a loyal fan, the owner of a Toronto sandwich shop has taken his adoration of Wilco to a new level by naming not only his restaurant, but its entire menu after songs by the Chicago art-country rockers.

The owner of Sky Blue Sky Sandwiches, Chad Comfort, recently spoke to Exclaim! about his new venture and how he came to titling each item on the menu.

"If you design a sandwich, you have to give it a name," Comfort says. "If you think about a club sandwich, the name doesn't really explain it. I'm a big fan of Mitch Hedberg, and he talks about the club sandwich, you know? He's not even a member, but he's got the club sandwich."

Sky Blue Sky's menu hasn't got a club sandwich, but it does have the "Casino Queen," the "I'm Always in Love" and the "Side With the Seeds," each named in homage to Jeff Tweedy and company.

"We like music, so we wanted a place that was representative of us," he says. "Comfort food with good, independent background music that you don't hear everywhere else. And Wilco's probably our No. 1 band."

That said, Comfort admitted that he skipped out on naming a sandwich after his favourite Wilco record. "Summer Teeth is my favourite album, but "Summer Teeth Sandwiches" doesn't sound very good," he says.

The walls of Sky Blue Sky are appropriately decorated with Wilco posters, but the Hard Rock Café it is not. The Fleet Foxes (and, naturally, a Wilco tune here and there) play in the background, and the atmosphere is just as quaint and cozy as its name suggests.

"I think this is a place for nerds" says Comfort, who wouldn't mind if the guys from Wilco came to check out the restaurant the next time they're in Toronto. "When they were here last October, we were just opening up. I almost wanted them to come by and give their approval. People who know them say they're going to have to come by. I hope they like it."

With every Wilco inspired sandwich costing under $5, there's no reason why they shouldn't.

Sky Blue Sky is located on 605 Bloor St. W. in Toronto and you can view the restaurant's entire Wilco-inspired menu here