Toro y Moi "Slough" (Ricky Gervais/David Brent cover)

Toro y Moi 'Slough' (Ricky Gervais/David Brent cover)
British funnyman Ricky Gervais recently brought back his David Brent character from the original British version of The Office for a series of comedic guitar tutorials. Evidently Toro y Moi is a fan, since he has covered the song "Slough."

The original tune is a facetiously sincere folk ballad that celebrates the titular town. Toro y Moi's version stays relatively true to the spirit of the original but adds a distorted bass, slow-moving beats and atmospheric synths.

Toro y Moi main man Chaz Bundick wrote on SoundCloud, "dear ricky, hope you like this cover. peace, chaz." Listen to his version plus the Brent original below. Here's hoping for a cover of "Free Love Freeway."