Token Entry The Re-Issues

One of American hardcore’s most influential yet overlooked bands, Token Entry’s impact seems more profound on the musical community than the populace. Heralded by the likes of H2O and Bouncing Souls, to whom TE lent money in support of their debut album, the band’s meshing of DC inspirations with SoCal pop punk hooks was a touch sweeter than most would imagine. However, as this compilation of second and third albums Jaybird and Weight Of The World (1988 and 1990, respectively) proves, the uniting of moderately dissimilar subgenres was powerful, inspired and great despite being ahead of its time. Running through 20 modestly produced tracks, the band are still as intelligent as invigorating, pensive as hyperactive and methodical as reckless. While The Re-Issues won’t see Token Entry elevated above their namesake, at least it provides a strong footnote for these unsung heroes of hardcore’s formative days. (I Scream)