To Rococo Rot The Amateur View

The latest release from German trance trio To Rococo Rot (the name is a palindrome) continues down a path of sublime grooves and exquisite textures. Like countrymen Mouse On Mars, TRR weave beautiful melodies throughout their pastiche of funky beats and keyboard curls. Tuneful tracks like “Cars” and “Telema” approach pop electronica at its best. Other gyrating numbers lock into sumptuous repeating rhythmic and melodic structures that compare to the Eno/Bowie collaborations of the ‘70s in all their minimalist beauty. Stefan Schneider, Ronald Lippok and his brother Robert make up this stylish trio while pursuing other projects on the side. Keep an eye out for Tarwarter, featuring Ronald Lippok, who flexes his vocal chords for a completely different musical exploration coming at the end of August. (Mute)