To Rococo Rot Plot <i>Speculation</i> on New Full-Length

BY Josiah HughesPublished Dec 24, 2009

Following a five-year break from new material, experimental German electronic trio To Rococo Rot have revealed that they'll be releasing a new album. The record, a follow-up to 2004's stellar Hotel Morgen, is called Speculation and is set for release this spring.

FACT points to quotes from the band's Stefan Schneider, who describe the band's experience recording in a studio owned by Krautrock legends Faust.

"The atmosphere [there] was really special as it is located in a remote rural region of southern Germany," Schneider said. "The technical set up at the studio is very basic and regular in a good way. So we could record our music almost like a band playing a live show in order to achieve maximum brilliance and plasticity."

Speculation will be released on March 29 in Europe via Domino Records, and if we're lucky, the day after in North America.

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