Thrice The Alchemy Index, Vols. I & II: Fire and Water

From credible screamo contributors with The Illusion of Safety to the mesmerising experimentation of Vheissu, Thrice are a band demonstrating musical growth and innovation. The Alchemy Index is a two-disc series that encompasses two of the four basic elements of life: fire and water. Fans of their older work will notice that the Fire album recalls the blistering riffs that made Thrice famous in their infancy. As powerful and heavy as any other work, "Firebreather” has captivating melodies, booming drum lines and punishes with decibels. Unstoppable force "The Arsonist” starts with intricate guitar work, a sporadic rhythm and Dustin Kensrue’s soaring vocals. Water offers a textured voyage of subdued sound with the use of effects that culminate in a poignant manner. The use of electronic drums, synthesised effects and soft, supple vocals in "Digital Sea” provokes a serene, sombre emotion in the listener’s mind. While "Open Water” begins with a reverberated organ intro that transitions into a Coldplay-esque style of alt rock, with a dark yet shimmering mood. Having both albums next to each other creates a wonderful contrast of heavy and airy music. Many fans of their older work may not be happy with a constant redefining of their sound but Thrice have decimated any rules in the rock handbook and are striving towards important musical accomplishments. (Vagrant)