This.Day.Forward Kairos

With Kairos, This.Day.Forward has taken a giant bold leap forward from their The.Transient.Effects.of.Light.on.Water full-length. While The.Transient.Effects… was an excellent offering, solidifying This.Day.Forward as a band to monitor in the aggressive underground, its sound owed a little too much stylistically to Converge’s punishing endeavours. However, with Kairos, a five-song EP, This.Day.Forward tempers their metallic hardcore fury with healthy doses of rock influence and maturity to write some of their catchiest and most affecting work yet. From the opening drum and vocal declaration of "Kairos,” which fleeting recalls At The Drive-In before delving into their aggressive repertoire, it is obvious This.Day.Forward has shifted gears. More melodies, an incorporation of rock’s aesthetics and a mixture of actual singing with the screaming pervades Kairos, with the overall mood one of up-tempo rhythms and catchy moments interspersed with the hostility. Reminiscent in parts to contemporaries and tour-mates Taken, with their blend of melodic moments and aggression, Drowningman or Grade at their most hostile, This.Day.Forward have embarked upon an increasingly popular route in the underground, but one that they excel at and gives a clarity to their identity. (Eulogy)