The Melvins Bring Their Kiss 12-inches Back to Vinyl

The Melvins Bring Their Kiss 12-inches Back to Vinyl
While there's been no shortage of Melvins reissues in recent years, there's always room for more. As such, we'll gladly embrace a series of three new vinyl 12-inch represses.

On February 24, the Melvins will welcome their trio of Kiss-saluting releases back to the world of vinyl, with 1992's member-named King Buzzo, Dale Crover and Joe Preston getting new 12-inch pressings via Boner Records.

As a press release states, all three 12-inches are being reissued on vinyl "after 100,000 years out of print" (or more accurately, since their initial release). It also has this to say about the releases: "In 1992, the Melvins' fascination / adoration / denigration of the mighty Kiss rock and roll universe compelled them to excrete out three solo masterworks inspired by the Kiss solo LPs."

This in turn gave us King Buzzo "from the Melvins' giggling guitar grumpus," Dale Crover "from the Melvins' sleepy drum caveman" and Joe Preston "from the Melvins' electronic beard warlord."

You can revisit the releases' tracklists below, and no doubt expect more Melvins reissues before long.

King Buzzo:

A1. Isabella
A2. Porg
B1. Annum
B2. Skeeter

Dale Crover:

A1. Hex Me
A2. Dead Wipe
B1. Respite
B2. Hurter

Joe Preston:

A1. The Eagle Has Landed
A2. Bricklebrit
B. Hands First Flower