The Internet Hive Mind

The Internet Hive Mind
Although their previous effort, Ego Death, is a tough act to follow, the Internet manage to outdo themselves on their latest. Smooth, mellow and delightfully warm, Hive Mind is a much-needed feel-good album that is well worth the three-year wait.
Each Internet bandmate has released a solo album since their last group project, and on Hive Mind, the time each member took to develop their individual style results in a collective payoff. There are no weak links on this album: from the production to the songwriting, each Internet bandmate brings a polished, more mature sound to the fore.
Syd's charming, airy vocals shine on dreamy cuts like "Come Over" and the seductive "Stay the Night," while guitarist Steve Lacy and bassist Patrick Paige II display exceptional chemistry on "Mood" and "Next Time / Humble Pie."
"It Gets Better (With Time)," the album's "Kumbaya" moment, is moving and has just the right touch of sweetness; it's uplifting without being mawkish. Silky horns add touches of soul throughout the album, and slick drums inject a classic hip-hop feel.
Free of filler and definitely worth repeating, Hive Mind is the Internet we know and love, but tighter and more refined. (Columbia)