The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne Is Selling Brain-Shaped Cannabis Edibles

The band's 4/20 plans also include an 'American Head' bubble concert

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Mar 24, 2021

Having already perfected the gummy skull for an EP release a decade ago, Flaming Lips leader Wayne Coyne has now turned his attention to gummy brains in launching his own cannabis brand.

Coyne will enter the cannabiz with Love Yer Head, which takes its name from a song off the Flaming Lips' 1987 album, Oh My Gawd.

The brand's inaugural line of products will be THC-infused brain-shaped gummy edibles, available to medical marijuana patients in the Lips' home state of Oklahoma on April 20. The edibles will arrive in 100mg and 250mg packs, with watermelon, green apple, and raspberry flavours.

The Love Yer Head launch isn't the only thing the Flaming Lips will be up to on 4/20. The band have also announced plans to play last year's American Head in its entirety at a space bubble show set to take place at the Criterion in Oklahoma City.

For COVID-safe concerts, the band had audience members confined to their own personal giant plastic balls, not unlike frontman Coyne in pre-pandemic times. Further 4/20 concert details can be found here.

This news arrives alongside a new video for American Head track  "At the Movies on Quaaludes," which was directed by Clark Duke. As you'll find below, the visuals feature old Super 8 film footage of Duke's brother while he was still in college.

"American Head, for me, is about nostalgia. For home, for childhood, for places and events and times you'll never forget," Duke shared of his work. "I stumbled upon this lost, long-forgotten Super 8 footage of my brother, Chandler, wandering the state of Arkansas circa 2005. When I watched this eerie, silent film, all I could think about was… the first time I heard American Head…the first time I made a music video for a band. My favourite band."

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