Teyana Taylor K.T.S.E.

Teyana Taylor K.T.S.E.
On K.T.S.E., Teyana Taylor sings with the self-assured maturity of a woman coming into her own. There are, however, still a few hurdles to clear before she reaches her full potential.
Straying from the heavy effects that dominated her previous effort, Taylor strips down and lets the gorgeous textures of her voice take centre stage. She shows effortless command of her instrument on "Gonna Love Me" and "Inside/Hold On," digging deep in her gut for stirring, throaty notes and floating toward angelic falsettos. "Rose in Harlem" is gruff but delicate, dotted with subtle squeaks and growls that add irresistible character.
Something about the album feels rushed or disjointed, though. Kanye West mucks up the coquettish "Hurry" with a lacklustre verse and from there, the song simply falls apart. "WTP" is a witty nod to ballroom culture, but is tacked onto the album like an afterthought.
K.T.S.E. is a strong start with an anticlimactic finish. With a bit of additional time and effort, it could have been so much more. (G.O.O.D.)