Terror Tony Sly Stage 2, Montebello QC, June 23

Terror Tony Sly Stage 2, Montebello QC, June 23
Photo: Chris Bubinas
While the day began with a torrential downpour, Los Angeles hardcore crew Terror turned the mood around once they hit the stage in the early afternoon. Vocalist Scott Vogel was charismatic even before the band played a note, commanding the crowd to open up the mosh pit and raise their beers before the group launched into their lively performance.
Shortly after beginning, Vogel downed a drink before he tossed his microphone to an eager fan, who perfectly belted out lyrics for part of the song. The band made constant calls for circle pits and stage dives, despite the barrier that separated the band from their crowd. Bodies flew overhead as the band launched into the downtempo "Return to Strength," following Vogel's instructions to the crowd to "crawl over each other's heads," and "jump off of something."
The band closed with their signature track "Keepers of the Faith," spawning a furious two-step pit that had fans violently throwing down one last time with the band. Sure that fans would know the words, Vogel once again shared the mic with a few folks who were all too happy to lend their voice for the end of their set.