Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair Songs of Wisdom and Hope

Jad Fair, the hardest working man in the indie rock world and one who seems to be able to work with just about anyone, made a good choice in working with Scotland’s sweethearts Teenage Fanclub. Songs of Wisdom and Hope is what it should sound like: Jad Fair fronting a band that is Teenage Fanclub. However, unlike the Fannies last album, the graceful and Byrds-ish Howdy!, the music is all over the place, which not only shows how talented a band they are but also how broad Fair’s tastes are. For instance, "I Feel Fine” is a cocktail party in a love song that is followed by the very different infectious pop melodies of "Near To You.” As always, the subject matter with these two acts is undeniably sweet and sincere, making the album title true to its name. This unpredicted pairing successfully pulls off this joint effort because they sound so suitable and intact together. Things may lean a little more towards Fair’s style, but that can easily be overlooked by the overall quality of the music . (Alternative Tentacles)