Teen Daze Bioluminescence

Teen Daze Bioluminescence
In the past nine years Teen Daze (Jamison Isaak) has amassed an impressive collection of releases, including a dozen combined EPs and full-length albums.
With his latest release, Bioluminescence, the BC native once again returns to his roots of subtly balancing digital and natural, pairing electronic production with organic recordings — rocks hitting water or the sounds of the Pacific intertwined with the synthetic.
While Bioluminescence is cohesive in its balancing of two extremes, it also offers a perfect juxtaposition of delicate, atmospheric tracks and beat-laden, optimistic offerings. That said, it's the former on the album that really strike a chord, and move Bioluminescence beyond just another airy dance album.
Opener "Near" is a static-imbued dreamscape that grips the heartstrings and all but demands an emotional response, its simulated strings and melancholic lilt making an impassioned plea for understanding. Similarly, both "An Ocean on the Moon" and "Drifts" are wrapped in gossamer, yet portray haunting and poetic soundscapes surrounded by soft keys and sleepy swipes of guitar. It's a dreamy, moving album and another stellar release from Teen Daze. (FLORA records)