Tame Impala Announces 'The Slow Rush' Deluxe Box Set, Shares Lil Yachty Remix

Hear the rapper's take on "Breathe Deeper" now

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 6, 2021

Australian indie posterchild Tame Impala (a.k.a. Kevin Parker) only released his latest album The Slow Rush last year, but it seems the time for a deluxe box set release — including a remix of "Breathe Deeper" by rapper Lil Yachty — is already upon us.

Looking uncomfortably far ahead, the box set includes a The Slow Rush calendar for the year 2050, alongside alternate artwork, unreleased B-sides, extended cuts and remixes — like last year's Four Tet remix of "Is It True"  and a Blood Orange rework of "Borderline." (No, the Wiggles' cover of "Elephant" will not be included, both understandably and unfortunately.)

Today's preview brings Atlanta-hailing Lil Yachty into the psychedelic Tame Impala cinematic universe, delivering a flow about relationship problems and just wanting to dance over jaunty keyboard riffs.

In a statement, the rapper said of the collaboration: "It was so amazing to work with Kevin, as I've been a big fan since high school — so it was a pleasant surprise and honour to be a part of such an incredible song."

Watch the video for Lil Yachty's remix of "Breathe Deeper" and see the tracklisting for The Slow Rush Deluxe Box Set below ahead of its release on February 18 via Interscope.

Lil Yachty's most recent album is this year's Michigan Boy Boat mixtape.

The Slow Rush Deluxe:

Side A
1. One More Year
2. Instant Destiny
3. Borderline

Side B
1. Posthumous Forgiveness
2. Breathe Deeper
3. Tomorrow's Dust

Side C
1. On Track
2. Lost In Yesterday
3. Is It True

Side D
1. It Might Be Time
2. Glimmer
3. One More Hour

Remixes 12" #1
1. One More Year (NTS Extended Version)
2. Patience (Maurice Fulton Remix)
3. Patience (Original)

Remixes 12" #2
1. Is It True (Four Tet Remix)
2. Breathe Deeper (Lil Yachty Remix)
3. Borderline (Blood Orange Remix)

1. The Boat I Row
2. No Choices

Pre-order The Slow Rush Deluxe Box Set.

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