Take a 'Joy Ride' with the Ultimate Canadian Party Playlist

Get in the mood for the new movie with road trip anthems about partying and hedonism

Photo: Ed Araquel / Lionsgate

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 27, 2023

Ah, the mystery of the penis slide. The case of the phallic playground apparatus, which was mysteriously erected in the Vancouver area in 2021, was solved upon the announcement of Joy Ride, an outrageous comedy directed by Adele Lim (the co-writer of Crazy Rich Asians), co-produced by Seth Rogen and starring Ashley Park, Sherry Cola, Stephanie Hsu and Sabrina Wu.

Arriving in in theatres on July 7 through Cineplex Pictures, the film takes audiences on a wild road trip, as four friends set out on an adventure to locate one of their birth mothers. They go searching for family and self-identity — and end up finding drugs, raunchy sex and all sorts of messiness.

To celebrate the (phallus-shaped) mark Joy Ride left on Canada, as well as its debaucherous plot, we've assembled the ultimate playlist for a Canadian road trip. All of the songs here are from Canadian artists, and they're upbeat party starters to perfectly soundtrack an outrageous trip on the open road.

Indie rockers the Beaches make a mission statement for this playlist with "Grow Up Tomorrow" — a giddy, pop-friendly jam about letting it all hang out and celebrating chaos with your squad.  We've got celebrations of hedonism (Fake Shark's "Cheap Thrills," the Zolas' "Molotov Girls"), and even a few songs that celebrate the road itself (Japandroids' "Fire's Highway," PUP's "DVP"). And what party playlist would be complete without one of the world's all-time drinking anthems: Spirit of the West's "Home for a Rest." And we also included the retro rock 'n' roll punk banger "Addicted to Cheese" by Narduwar's band the Evaporators, because why the hell not?

Fire up the playlist below and hit the road with a few of your best buds — and, come July 7, head to cinemas to catch Joy Ride.

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