T-Pain Sues Autotune Makers

T-Pain Sues Autotune Makers
It used to be that T-Pain and Auto-Tune were inseparable, with several of the singer's singles featuring the warbled, voice-distorting digital effect. Regrettably, a recent lawsuit filed by the R&B star officially signifies the end of the love affair.

Following last month's decision to stop endorsing Antares Audio Technology's Auto-Tune to start up a similar effect of his own with competitor iZotope, T-Pain filed a lawsuit Monday (July 25) against his former allies, claiming that they continue to use his likeness to promote their product.

The lawsuit claims that Antares continues to use T-Pain in advertisements and product packaging and licensing his image to third parties, all without his permission. The singer is now seeking at least $1 million in damages, explaining that exploiting his image in the marketplace causes confusion for consumers seeking out legit T-Pain merchandise, like iZotope's newly launched "The T-Pain Effect" and novelty toy the "I Am T-Pain Mic."

On top of seeking an injunction prohibiting Antares from further promoting its products with his likeness, T-Pain is seeking a full accounting of goods sold since he split from the partnership.

Somewhere, Cher is rueing ever recording "Believe."

Thanks to All Hip Hop for the tip.