T-Pain "Stoicville"

T-Pain 'Stoicville'
T-Pain stunned the world recently by dropping AutoTune for a quickie NPR Tiny Desk performance, and is forging ahead with a new sound. A release date for his in-the-works Stoicville: The Phoenix project has yet to be delivered, but a title track his risen up early.

Untouched by the studio effect that once defined his career, T-Pain raps his way through the whirl of airy female vocals, lingering piano notes and deft beatwork, talking about the wonders of making it out of a snake-infested "grass patch." The track has him detailing his rise in the game, and his decision to eschew the trappings of fame, party scenes and fake friends in order to evolve on his own terms ("I'd rather grow up than stay eighteen") .

You'll find the confident and contemplative T-Pain cut down below.