SZA Says She'll Drop a "Little Project" Before Her Next Album

SZA season is approaching
SZA Says She'll Drop a 'Little Project' Before Her Next Album
SZA has been busy touring the globe since her last record CTRL dropped over two years ago — but that hasn't stopped her from writing new music.

At one of her recent concerts, SZA told the crowd she will "drop a little project" before her next album. However, what this means for SZA fans desperate for new music remains unclear.

Twitter user @BlondedJacob recently posted a video from the front line of a SZA performance in which the singer can be seen on stage telling the crowd about her plans for new music. You can watch that video below.

In the video, SZA can be heard saying:

True tea, I'm probably gonna drop a little project before my album so I can just get it out of the way. Because realistically speaking, if you leave it up to my foolish ass, we'll be here quite some time. The ones that you guys know are the ones that I'll be dropping, and if you research what you should know, than you'll know.

What this means exactly is up for interpretation. However, it is safe to say that new music from SZA is in the works.

Decipher what she means for yourself by watching the video below.