Swifties Are Pleading with Taylor Swift to Speak Now About Palestine

#SwiftiesforPalestine is a trending topic on X

Photo: Beth Garrabrant

BY Sydney BrasilPublished May 29, 2024

Though Taylor Swift has endorsed the Democrats since 2018, she hasn't always been upfront about her political affiliations. But now that The New York Times has reported that her endorsement is immensely important to Joe Biden's 2024 campaign, her potential influence over politics is hard to ignore.

This is, in part, why Swifties are calling for the star to speak out about the Israel–Hamas war in defence of Palestine. As of time of publication, #SwifitesforPalestine is the eighth-most popular trending topic on Twitter X in Canada, with 61.4K posts and counting. One of said trending posts is an open letter to Swift, imploring her to "speak now."

"Your influence transcends borders, and your words have the power to reach and activate an extensive audience, including people who are unaware of the severity of the genocide," the letter reads. "Speaking out about the Palestinian genocide would not only be consistent with your history of advocating for the victims, but it could also encourage your millions of fans to learn and take action to help."

Other posts show "free Palestine" friendship bracelets made to be handed out at the Eras Tour, as well as photos of pro-Palestinian signs and flags held by fans at shows.

It wouldn't be unprecedented for Swift to share her support for Palestine, if that is where her politics align. One user pointed out that Paramore — who are currently opening for Swift — have shared their support for Palestine, and implied that Swift should be able to do the same. Dua Lipa also recently denounced the "Israeli genocide" on her Instagram story.

View some of the tweets under the #SwiftiesforPalestine hashtag below.

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