Sunn O))) Live Archive

Sunn O))) Live Archive
If you're the kind of devoted Sunn O))) fan who scours the internet for unofficial concert bootlegs, then the Seattle drone metal band are making your job a lot easier. They have launched a Bandcamp page bringing together dozens of fan-made concert recordings.

As of press time, the Bandcamp page is home to 67 recordings, which can be streamed for free or purchased for $5 a pop. The most recent one was recorded just a couple of weeks ago, and the archives go back as far as 2002.

The official description is as follows:

Sunn O))) live archives. Unmixed, unmastered raw footage captured via underground tapers & fans which we now present to you.

We invite you to submit your own recordings of any of our concerts (even ones we've already posted) to these archives. And if you have photos/visuals from any of these concerts, please send them over too.

All digital sales fund future O))) actions. Hail to our great fans!

Dive in here. Meanwhile, the band reportedly have a new LP in the works.