Sun Wizard Offshoot Capitol 6 Prep Debut EP for Light Organ Records

Sun Wizard Offshoot Capitol 6 Prep Debut EP for Light Organ Records
Vancouver rockers Sun Wizard released their debut album less than a month ago, but singer-guitarist Malcolm Jack hasn't wasted any time in launching a side-project. Dubbed Capitol 6, the band will release an EP on May 3 via Light Organ Records.

The five-piece are rounded out by musicians from a slew of Vancouver-based groups, including Bummer High, Chains of Love, Raccoons and Louise Burns's backing band. Their EP is eponymous, although it's been given the unofficial title of The Captain Rehab EP. Capitol 6 laid down its five songs during a single overnight session with Tanis Gibbons at the Hive in Burnaby, BC.

The recordings are a little more trippy than Jack's usual work with Sun Wizard, with folksy acoustic guitars joined by fuzzy psych leads and reverb-soaked vocals. You can sample this new sound by downloading the track "I Sure Can Pretend" here. You can also stream the entire EP at the bottom of this page.

The Captain Rehab EP will be available on ten-inch vinyl. See the tracklist below and the album cover above. The release will be followed by a seven-inch single this summer, which was recently recorded by Gibbons at the Shed.

Capitol 6:

1. "I Sure Can Pretend"
2. "At Yer Fingers"
3. "Captain Rehab"
4. "Too Little Too Long"
5. "The World Goes By So Slow"