Capitol 6 "Playing Dead" (video)

Capitol 6 'Playing Dead' (video)
Capitol 6's previous video from the debut LP Pretty Lost took us into the recording studio. This time around, the psychedelic folk rockers are taking us to summer camp with a clip for the album opener "Playing Dead."

The Vancouver act shot the video in Squamish, BC. It shows the band members hanging out in the wilderness at a very rustic-looking camp. It doesn't seem like they're having much fun, since the weather looks distinctly chilly, and the tape-warped images give the proceedings an unsettling mood. The backwoods setting complements the song's heartland-rocking atmosphere and organ-drenched chorus hook.

Check out the clip below. Pretty Lost is out now through Light Organ Records.

In other Capitol 6 news, the band have a single coming out through the Kingfisher Bluez Single-Sided Singles Club. They plan to release a split-LP with Two Towns before the year is out.