Summer Walker Explains How the U.S.-Canada Border Derailed Her Toronto Show

"It's out of my motherfucking control"
Summer Walker Explains How the U.S.-Canada Border Derailed Her Toronto Show
Summer Walker caught plenty of flak from her Toronto audience after showing up late to her show in the city earlier this week, and she's now followed up on a statement claiming the delays were due to a hold up at the U.S.-Canadian border.

A statement Walker provided to The Shade Room yesterday (November 26), shared by concert promoter RapSeason, explained that the delays were "due to her equipment being stuck at the U.S.-Canadian border," adding that "her team did not make her aware of any complications, and she got on stage when she was told."

Yesterday, Walker further explained the situation in an Instagram Live video (archived below), where she also addressed fans' allegations that she was too busy snapping photos with Drake backstage to meet the expected set times.

"Toronto's borders are out of this fucking world," Walker said. "They held my motherfucking truck up with all my equipment, my band equipment, that motherfucking thing in the back of me that be spinning. They held all that shit up at the border for mad long that I didn't even know about until today…So bitch how we gonna play a show with no drums, no fucking mics, and no motherfucking guitars? See it's out of my motherfucking control!"

Walker added that border security took bags of her clothes as part of the crossing. "When I was giving them my passport, they told my ass to go in the back," she said. "Bitch, I thought I was going to jail. They had me damn near in a holding cell, and they took both of my bags."

Walker's Instagram Live session also saw her address her struggles with social anxiety, on top of allegations about her personal hygiene. You can find clips from the Instagram Live session below.

Walker's Toronto stop was one of the remaining dates on her tour behind debut Over It, which she had shortened due to anxiety earlier this month. This year, Drake lent a guest verse to a remix of her "Girls Need Love."