Sum 41 to Disband Following Final Album, World Tour

"We are forever grateful to our fans both old and new, who have supported us in every way"

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BY Calum SlingerlandPublished May 8, 2023

Sum 41 have announced they will disband following the release of a final album and completing an accompanying world tour.

"Being in Sum 41 since 1996 brought us some of the best moments of our lives. We are forever grateful to our fans both old and new, who have supported us in every way," the band wrote in a message shared on social media today.

"It is hard to articulate the love and respect we have for all of you and we wanted you to hear this from us first. Sum 41 will be disbanding. We will still be finishing all of our current upcoming tour dates this year, and we're looking forward to releasing our final album Heaven :x: Hell, along with a final worldwide headlining tour to celebrate. Details will be announced as soon as we have them."

Last August, it was reported that frontman and principal songwriter Deryck Whibley had his publishing catalogue acquired by an investment firm. Earlier this year, he also did some spring cleaning in selling his instruments online.

About that final album: Whibley previously shared in a 2022 interview with Rolling Stone that Heaven :x: Hell would be a double album — half of which will see them returning to their pop-punk roots.

"A lot of other people were retreating to things that made them feel good in the past," Whibley shared at the time. "There's some weird nostalgia that kicked in because of the pandemic. It all made sense to me why pop-punk is coming back: it's feel-good music. There's something that's happy about it. Something young and innocent and free."

Not including the forthcoming Heaven :x: Hell, Sum 41 recorded seven studio albums across their career, the most recent being 2019's Order in Decline.

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