​Sum 41 Get Attacked by Memes in "Fake My Own Death" Video

​Sum 41 Get Attacked by Memes in 'Fake My Own Death' Video
Now securely reunited with guitarist Dave "Brownsound" Baksh and ready to drop 13 Voices this fall, Sum 41 are ramping up their comeback with a brand new video for "Fake My Own Death."
The clip sees the band teaming up once again with the man responsible for classics like "Fat Lip and "In Too Deep," Marc Klasfeld. The director captures the group on film as they perform atop an L.A. roof. Things take a twisted turn, though, when "all their worst nightmares" attack. Amongst the fear-inducing gang are Kim Kardashian, Michael Jordan and Donald Trump, though animated online enemies like Nyan Cat, Doge and Angry Birds also make appearances. If that's not enough terror, there's also a dog shitting poomojis into an ice cream cone.
The upcoming album comes after a difficult time for frontman Deryck Whibley, which saw the singer starting over in the wake of recovering from alcohol-related health problems. "I just wanted to get away from everything that I had been doing. I needed to start a new life — like faking my own death," he explained in a press release.
Watch the wild new video for "Fake My Own Death" below. 13 Voices is out on October 7 through Hopeless Records.