​Suicide's Martin Rev Announces 'Demolition 9' Solo Album

​Suicide's Martin Rev Announces 'Demolition 9' Solo Album
Fans of proto-punks Suicide suffered a massive loss with the death of frontman Alan Vega last year, and while unreleased Vega material may see the light of day down the road, another member of the band has announced plans for some new material of his own. Martin Rev will release a solo album titled Demolition 9 on May 26 via Atlas Réalisations, the label helmed by Suicide producer and electronic visionary Craig Leon.
The album marks Rev's first since 2009's Stigmata, and, obviously, his first since the passing of Vega. It compiles a massive collection of 34 individual vignettes that have been described in a press release as "yearning for joy and the unattainable perfection of the artistic ideal."
Despite that optimistic aim, the record also encompasses a wide range of sounds, including "violent percussion experiments to neo-classical reveries to noir-sleaze abstractions and beyond."
You can hear two of the tracks from the upcoming album now. Browse the lengthy tracklisting for Demolition 9 below, then hit play to stream "Now" and "In Our Name."
Demolition 9:
1. Stickball
2. Salve Dominus
3. Deus
4. Pace
5. My Street
6. T'Amo
7. Into The Blue
8. Requiem
9. Now
10. Blayboy
11. In Our Name
12. Never Mind
13. Vision Of Mari
14. Warning
15. Salvame
16. Dies Irae
17. RBL
18. Venitas
19. Stretch
20. Creation
21. Toi
22. Piéta
23. It's Time
24. Tacha's Toy
25. Back To Philly
26. Stelle
27. Inside Out
28. Beatus
29. Tuba
30. Réve
31. Concrete
32. She
33. Darling
34. Excelsis