Strife "Torn Apart" (video)

Strife 'Torn Apart' (video)
It's been over 11 years since L.A. hardcore toughies Strife issued their third LP, Angermeans, but today (November 6) marks the band's return. Witness a Rebirth is the name of their current album, and you can sample the fast and furious first single "Torn Apart" in the video down below.

Despite the apparently game-changing album title, the band still find their milieu with punched-up polka beats, metallic chugging and Rick Rodney's thick-throated rage-outs. That said, the vocalist is looking a little beardier than he did back in the '90s.

For anyone that still practises their donkey kicks at home while spinning a copy of In This Defiance, or for anyone that has a "One Truth" chest piece — bookended with X's, obviously — this clearly won't be a problem at all. Witness the California takeover all over again.

Witness a Rebirth is available through 6131 Records.