Steve Von Till If I Should Fall To The Field

Neurosis' Steve Von Till has taken his unique songwriting skills a step further with his second solo album, If I Should Fall To The Field. This time around he adds more emotional layers, higher fidelity and has stretched and polished his vocal chords (with an almost talking-like tone) to create a smooth and soothing melodic experience. The folklore-ish songs, including a great and honest delivery of Neil Young's "Running Dry," tell deep and meaningful stories of loss, emotional plight and wonder, all with a sort of timeless quality that is like looking at very old but preserved photographs, as is the sound itself, with lingering gentle keyboards that open a pleasant vortex to the soul. The most revelatory look into Von Till's roots is the last piece, containing an old recording of a reading of a Robert W. Service piece by his grandfather, complete with a John Huston-esque voice. Be sure to turn off the lights and turn up the campfire in your living room, as this album is like watching a psychedelic sunset from the west, except taking place in a Nordic winter-like soundsphere. (Neurot)