Steve Adamyk Band Reveal 'Dial Tone'

Steve Adamyk Band Reveal 'Dial Tone'
We've known for a few months now that hard-working Ottawa outfit Steve Adamyk Band had their sights set on a fourth full-length to be released sometime this year, and it's now been confirmed that the record lands this summer. Dubbed Dial Tone, the band's fourth album arrives via Dirtnap Records on July 1.

Official news of the LP arrived today (May 14), and you can see the purple and orange canvas of geometric shapes, high-contrast images and old-school telephone drawings that serves as the album art up above.

The record follows 2013's Third, and while that LP had been described as the crew's "punk" album, a press release notes that this latest work has the distinction of being Steve Adamyk Band's "garage" record. 

Tracked in Oakland, CA, with Matthew Melton (Warm Soda, Bare Wires), the 13-song effort is described as having scaled back the "breakneck punk/pop tempos of previous releases." In addition to the current lineup of Adamyk, Davey Quenselle, Dave Forcier and Sebastien Godin, Melton/Primitive Hearts member Danielle Agnew contributed to the LP.

Samples from the set have yet to be delivered, but you'll find the full tracklisting down below.

Dial Tone:

1. Forced Fed

2. Careless

3. Suicide

4. Crash Course In Therapy

5. M.R.I

6. Last One In Town

7. Empty Cause

8. Waiting For The Top

9. You're The Antidote

10. Anne

11. Mirror Ball

12. Cover Me Up

13. Not Gonna (Ever)