The Steve Adamyk Band Announce 'Third,' Unveil New Video

> Jan 08 2013

The Steve Adamyk Band Announce 'Third,' Unveil New Video
By Alex HudsonHaving released two prior LPs, Ottawa punk group the Steve Adamyk Band are shooting from the hip on their upcoming album, which is logically titled Third. It will arrive on February 12 via Dirtnap Records.

This 12-track offering features a slightly different incarnation of the Steve Adamyk Band, since they underwent some personal changes in late 2011. Seb Godin has joined on bass and Dave Forcier has taken over behind the kit (while past drummer Dave Williams has moved into a studio-only role).

Despite the lineup change, a press release promises, "The formula is the same as always, bringing a punk edge to classic power pop, with help from a strong modern garage influence." The results are reportedly aggressive and simple without any hints of cheese, cliches or overproduction.

For a taste of the album's no-bullshit sound, scroll to the bottom of this page to hear the fast and furious single "Katacombs." The accompanying slow-motion video shows the band hanging out in the forest while knocking back drinks and smashing rotted pumpkins.

The Steve Adamyk Band have a pair of Ontario shows booked for March. See the schedule below.


1. Not a Witness
2. Had a Heartattack
3. Eyes
4. Katacombs
5. Another Victim
6. Wait for Your Number
7. Set It Up
8. Rain on Sundays
9. Nightmare
10. Satellite
11. My Enemy
12. Won't Let You Go

Tour dates:

3/2 Ottawa, ON - Babylon *
3/24 Toronto, ON - Crawford *^

* with Sonic Avenues
^ with Teenanger

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