Static-X Shadow Zone

I am not sure if I love this band or hate them and Shadow Zone continues to fuel my irrational reaction. Their unusual recipe of dancehall hardcore always confuses me. Their samples, instead of lending that distinctly industrial feel, hide under a mainstream veil. An example of that can be heard on the disc’s title track "Shadow Zone” and "The Only Recall.” It just does not sound like pure hardcore to me. But that is also what is appealing about this band. They don’t depend on throaty screams and mile-a-minute guitar wails. They take their time on the songs that need it. Don’t get me wrong, they can be freak show too (like on "Monster”) but they know when to use it. Another point that is apparent on Shadow Zone is that Static-X is stepping out from the Korn mould to spend more time defining their own sound. In this chapter of my Static-X story, I don’t think this disc is so bad. Now I can rest. (Warner)