Spectrum Spools to Release Quicksails' 'Mayville Dream'

Spectrum Spools to Release Quicksails' 'Mayville Dream'
As could be expected, busy experimental imprint Spectrum Spools has a new slate of releases scheduled for for 2013. Among them is Mayville Dream, a tripped-out, synth-heavy free jazz experiment from Quicksails.

It's the second release from the moniker for Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist Ben Billington, who has performed with groups like Moonrises, Circuit de Yeux and, most notably, Tiger Hatchery. Mayville Dream is his second proper album working alone as Quicksails, though the project has released a bevy of cassette releases in recent years.

Of course, according to a press release from the label, this is the artist's most complete statement yet:

Taking from every direction and experience his knowledge and songcraft, Billington has crafted a well-varied album of instrumental suites that are as eclectic as they are eccentric. Being primarily trained as a drummer, various kinds of percussion appear throughout with many rhythmic angles that accent the intricate melodies and structures to make them truly unique.

 Spectrum Spools will issue Mayville Dream on April 15. You can stream the song "Institute's Innards" below and pre-order the album here.

Mayville Dream:

1. The Many Roads Towards Mayville
2. Institute's Innards
3. As High Above the Lightning
4. Only Escape
5. Bemus Has Wings to Fly
1. Closer to Towanda
2. Night bAts
3. Dancing By Yourself
4. A Late Realization