Soundgarden Announce Full-Fledged Reunion for 2010

Soundgarden Announce Full-Fledged Reunion for 2010
Dig out those musical spoons and strike a Jesus Christ pose, because Soundgarden are back!

The official announcement of the Seattle grunge band's long-awaited reformation came via singer Chris Cornell's Twitter at the stroke of midnight on New Year's, proclaiming, "The 12 year break is over & school is back in session. Knights of the Soundtable ride again!" and throwing to a newly launched website for the band who broke up in 1997.

Currently, the new site only features a signup for more info on the reformation, as well as a video for "Get on the Snake" from 1989's Louder Than Love album. But here's hoping that video choice is an indication of which direction the band will go with any new material because, hey, they could posted a video from Down on the Upside, right?

According to Consequence of Sound, the band have already scheduled West coast tour dates for next spring and are interested in appearing at this year's Coachella Music Festival. This information comes from "a source with knowledge of the reunion."

It's unclear whether drummer Matt Cameron will be able to fully commit to a Soundgarden reunion now that he's completely settled into his a full-time job with another household grunge name, Pearl Jam. He's bashed skins for the group since 1998, shortly after Soundgarden broke up.

As we previously told you in July, Cornell was publicly denying rumours of a Soundgarden reunion but told Rolling Stone the band reforming was "not impossible."

In October, all four members of the band also appeared together at a Pearl Jam concert in Universal City, CA, a show that also featured a performance from Temple of the Dog, the Soundgarden/Pearl Jam supergroup that released one album in 1991.

And during Tom Morello's Justice Tour in late March, three-fourths of the band reformed at Seattle's Crocodile Café minus Cornell, but with the additions of Morello on guitar and grunge vocal heavyweight Tad Doyle on vocals, dubbing themselves TADgarden. And god love Tad's lumberjack shrieks, but he couldn't really hit any of those high-pitched Cornell notes.

For that matter, let's hope Cornell can still hit his own high-pitched notes after all these years. Flannel shirts tied to waists and fingers crossed.