Sons of Otis' 'Isolation' Is a Welcome Return to Form for the Veteran Stoner Rockers

BY Mark TremblayPublished Oct 16, 2020

Toronto stoner rock powerhouse Sons of Otis return, after an eight year gap, with Isolation. Showcasing their signature brand of pummeling guitar tone and hypnotic drums, Isolation is a welcomed return to form for the veteran group. 

Isolation starts off with "Hopeless," a tone-setter that features all of the band's signature attributes. Drummer Ryan Aubin shines early on with his tasteful patterns and heavy snare hits; particularly on the song "JJ", his fills create the momentum that propels the album forward. 

The album packs quite a few riffs that will satisfy fans of the band's back-catalogue. With everything from the Sabbath-y "Blood Moon" to the wah-wah flurry on "Trust," Sons of Otis cover all of the facets of their sound that fans of the band have come to love.

Sons of Otis represent everything that they are on Isolation — a stoner rock band whose atmospheric jams are the best in the genre. This album is by no means a reinvention of their sound, but rather a celebration of their storied career.
(Totem Cat)

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